March 9, 2015 Amorada Tequila

Dichotomy Of Tequila

Oh, the dichotomy of tequila; so many to choose from yet few put much love and passion into their product but, that’s certainly not the case here. You see, when you work in the tequila business, as we do, you see many faces on a daily basis. Some smiling, some not so much but that’s not the point. It’s the journey that matters most and when you have a true passion for a product you are selling, it’s that much easier and a lot of fun, to be honest.

Amorada Tequila was born on a back porch, one evening, with one simple phrase by CEO, Terray Glasman; “I’m going to start my own tequila business.” For those who don’t know her, this would be just disregarded as wishful thinking or lofty dreams but for those of us who do know her, we knew this was the start of something unique and passionate. Something that would breathe new life into a nearly saturated, stale market.

For her (and also for us for that matter), tequila isn’t just the extracted juice of a plant; it’s the liquid history of a beautiful culture. It’s representative of handshakes and pats on the back. It’s singing songs with family and friends. Greetings and farewells, births and deaths, celebrations and heartbreaks but, let me digress before I get a bit too emotional.

The road to Amorada (so to speak) was long and unpaved but Miss Glasman brought a steamroller with her. She shook hands and politely declined many tequila distilleries before she decided to take the bumpy, dusty road that led to the Magdalena Distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco and in the small town of Magdalena. She said she wanted an old world style tequila, the way it should be made. The owner of the Magdalena distillery stood, embraced her and that’s the moment Amorada Tequila was officially born.

We didn’t launch this tequila journey solely for the amount of money it could potentially bring to the table. We set off on this arduous venture because we wholeheartedly believe in and have a devout passion for our product. We saw the vision and determination our founder had for Amorada Tequila and it fanned the flames of inspiration within each of us. This is exactly why you’ll see our van darting around town, stopping to shake hands, laugh and share our passion with all who share it too.

My fellow tequila friends, when you make your next stop into your favorite liquor store for your favorite tequila, there’s no doubt there will be many bottles and pretty, colorful labels to choose from. However, I only ask one thing of you; before you take that bottle to the counter ask yourself, “What exactly went into the making of this tequila? Was it made with love and passion?” After all, we are what we consume, right? If that’s true, then why not be made of pure passion and love. I know I am. Salud!

Amorada Tequila; the essence of passion! Put some passion in YOUR life!